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well, I haven’t been on tumblr in months…. and my only reason is because i was too lazy to get out my laptop and I couldn’t remember my password and it wasn’t saved on my netbook. but i’m back now and la la la, hi.

it’s only been two days since we said goodbye and I miss him so much. what is the rest of my life going to feel like?

it’s been a long time since i’ve been this sad.

i thought i would move on and be happy but i’ve moved on and i’m still not happy.

i thought this time things would go somewhere but they haven’t and i need to stop trying in actuality this time.

my feet are literally falling apart cause of my cleats, my right leg is forever ruined because i like being aggressive at soccer and i’m still not over him even though i’m sleeping with someone else. i relapsed tonight and cried on the way home. i hate how he makes me feel. i hate how i care still. i don’t want to.

"i want us to be normal again"

I guess I’m back to shitty dates with shitty dudes every weekend.

I hate my life.

im going to ask him tomorrow. i swear

"is this going anywhere? are we only ever going to be friends?"

i don’t know how i will handle the answer.

you say you have no will power with me. you could make this easier. you could make it so it didn’t matter. how can you not understand this?

I’m not very good at going for what I want, so it’s amazing when things just happen for us, even though you don’t know what you want.